Automatic Tire Inflation Maintenance

Wheelpump Corporation has developed a revolutionary cure for car tire under-inflation that:

  • improves gas mileage by 2.5%
  • reduces tire wear by 15%
  • improves car handling and safety
  • reduces pollution
  • provides driver convenience
  • permits replacing the expensive Direct TPMS with an Indirect TPMS
  • saves more than it costs

The Loewe™ On-Wheel Pump consists of two parts:

  • a tiny magnet-driven, on-wheel air compressor that mounts on a wheel
  • a magnet that mounts on the non-rotating element, such as a brake assembly


  • Driving self inflates tire
  • No need to check and fill tires
  • Reduces accidents, injuries, and fatalities
  • Normal tire handling equipment
  • No electronics, batteries, or wires



A 3 cc (0.18 cu-in) pump weighs 15 gm (0.5 oz)

A 7 cc (0.43 cu-in) pump weighs 55 gm (1.8 oz)


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